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Understanding Real Estate Prices

A prerequisite to understanding real estate prices (specifically, their year-over-year movements) starts with a solid understanding of nominal vs. real prices. Nominal prices ignore inflation, whereas real prices (quite appropriately named) consider and adjust for the rate of inflation. Inflation can

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Are Real Estate Prices Going Up Or Down?

Nobody knows for sure. And there are lots of opinions out there. First off though, are we talking nominal prices or real prices? ? Well, since TREB and most everybody else, relates to real estate prices in nominal terms (albeit with its major flaws), I’ll do the same, for simplicity’s sake. Plus,

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To Buy First Or Sell First?

Your family is growing and you need a home that can grow with you. So, as you start thinking about your impending move, you’re left with the lingering question “should I buy first or sell first?” “While there is no ‘right’ answer, it’s important to know the potential pros and cons of both

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